A few words about Nanz & Kraft, from our customers.

At Nanz & Kraft Florists, we feel very lucky to have a fabulous array of customers! As we touch lives everyday with the joy of gifts or flowers, we love hearing the stories about the emotions we send!

Here are a few testimonials about our products as we hear back from happy customers!
Thanks to all who suppport Nanz & Kraft Florists!

“This past week I sent a “pick me up” to a co-worker who was down in the dumps and the card read:

You are awesome! From a Secret Admirer.

The lovely arrangement arrived mid week and she talked about it every chance she got. (My co-worker feels invisible and somewhat unappreciated, yet she is the first impression every visitor sees when entering our beautiful new building.) She is super efficient, vivacious (petite) and quite attractive! Grinning broadly, she stopped by my office as she left for the weekend. It seems she was certain I was her secret admirer…do you think it was because this darling Soda Shoppe Sundae arrangement was from Nanz & Kraft and my devotion to N & K is widely known!! Thanks for helping me brighten someone’s day!”
~ Kelly Dockter Dean

Just wanted to say how beautiful the flowers were you designed for the Bacon wedding at our chapel in June. They made our reception hall even more beautiful. We will highly recommend you in the future to our brides.
~Sharon Daily

Thank you for taking the time to write in and let us know how we help you help others feel good! Whatever the occasion we listen to your needs and are here to help you decide on your gifts and flower choices.
Every bride is unique and every wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Our promise is to accommodate every personality, budget and schedule. We will always strive to provide you with top quality, stress-free service on your special day.
Nanz & Kraft Florists wedding and floral consultants

Studies say receiving flowers impacts moods for the better!

GIve a little sunshine today

GIve a little sunshine today

We have always relished in the look on our clients and their loved one’s faces when they receive a gift of flowers from Nanz & Kraft. It is truly a blessing to share the joy through flowers, and although we may be a bit biased, we also know there are numerous studies supporting what we have known all along;
Flowers make people happy!

Share a little happiness today, you can depend on Nanz & Kraft Florists.
Read just one of many studies on the subject of flowers & happiness;

Use Fresh Flowers to Improve Your Mood
January 10, 2007 by Peggy Adamik

Have you ever received a bouquet of fresh flowers? Do you remember how good it made you feel? Well, studies have shown that receiving flowers has an almost immediate positive effect on our moods. Now another study has shown that those positive effects are more extensive than previously thought.

Recent research by a psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School followed the activities and moods of 55 people ranging in age from 25 to 60. Scientific research usually involves the presence of a “control” in order to compare its effects with those of the object being studied, and in this case the control was a new home decor item. Half the participants received the control item, and the other half received fresh flowers. Then everyone kept diaries recording their moods and activities during the two-week time frame of the study.

The results showed that the people with the fresh flowers in their home felt less worried and had fewer periods of anxiety or depression. They also felt more considerate of other people. And interestingly, they brought those effects to their workplaces. At work they were more relaxed and also had more energy and enthusiasm. The general effect of living with fresh flowers, for even this short period, was that people just felt more positive – about both their personal and professional lives.

The leader of the study, Nancy Etcoff, PhD, was very impressed by its results, and especially by the carryover of emotions to the workplace. As a result, she plans another study focusing on the effects of fresh flowers at work.

If you’d like to conduct your own “research” in this area, here are a few suggestions:
– Make sure you get real flowers, not artificial ones.
– Place the flowers in areas where people spend a lot of time; that’s what the study participants did. The most popular areas for flowers seem to be the living and dining rooms and the kitchen. But if you have children who have their own playroom, you might want to try some there as well. Perhaps their positive effect will result in less sibling fighting.
– When the flowers start to get old, replace them with fresh ones. Looking at droopy, brown-edged blossoms is not a positive experience for most people!
– Experiment with different colors, shapes, and sizes of flowers. Some people like big bouquets; for others, just a couple of blooms in a small vase will be enough.
– Consider scents. The aromas of some flowers can fill a room. Make sure their fragrances are ones people like and are not sensitive to.

The results of the study are not surprising. Fresh flowers are a sign of life, and can be especially heartening during the dark and dreary days of winter. But even if the weather’s not depressing, the everyday events of life might be. So the next time you or someone you care about needs a pick-me-up, think about getting some fresh flowers. That one small purchase may really make a difference.

So you say its your birthday?

Or perhaps a loved one’s great day of celebration?

We have so many items to choose from, you can feel great about sending a smile along!

From our gift soaps, baskets and decorative items, we are your one stop shop for a great birthday package or assortment of presents for that special someone. Have a kiddo who’s celebrating? We have cutie- tooties for the little ones too!  Here’s a few great ideas for that birthday wish;

Birthday Care Package

Birthday Care Package

Birthday Surprise Care Package
Make their birthday the biggest celebration of the year with our fabulous birthday surprise care package. Just for your birthday star we’ve included Jelly Belly Jelly beans 20 flavor, Fudge brownies, Birthday candles and more.

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

“Happy Birthday Vase”
Take another birthday to brand new heights with this colorful arrangement of flowers and a high-flying birthday balloon.
Alstroemeria, carnations, chrysanthemums and lilies are delivered in a clear glass vase with attached foil balloon.

Sweet daisies & sweetheart roses

Sweet daisies & sweetheart roses

“Polka Dots & Posies”
Flowers have never been so festive. Send these roses and daisies to brighten up the day! Filled with white daisies and light or hot pink spray roses in a clear cube with a festive polka dot bow.

So send a wish along today and let us help you decide on your gifts!

Thanks for shopping with Nanz & Kraft Florists!
~ Nanz & Kraft

Are you ready for some football? Tailgate gifts and decor available for your big day!

Its almost time.. can you feel it? The slight chill in the air, foggy mornings and tailgate preparations! Whether you are a UL or UK fan, we have great items to add flair and local flavor to your festivities.

So, lets not forget a few hostess gifts, local gourmet baskets and tailgate decor! Mark your calendar to stop in and pick up one of these goodies before the big game!



Show your team spirit with the Louisville Cardinals Jumbo Thermos Planter. Comes with a long-lasting plant. Includes a closure top, heavy duty plastic straw and Cardinals bow. Keep it as a planter or use it to keep your thirst at bay.
Shown with a tropical bromeliad plant.
Approx. 16”x16”
For Local Delivery only



Kentucky Wildcats Jumbo Thermos Planter

Show your team spirit with the Kentucky Wildcats Jumbo Thermos Planter. Comes with a long-lasting plant. Includes a closure top, heavy duty plastic straw and Wildcats bow. Keep it as a planter or use it to keep your thirst at bay.
Shown with a tropical bromeliad plant.
Approx. 16”x16”
For Local Delivery only

Bluegrass Gourmet Basket

Bluegrass Gourmet Basket

Bluegrass Gourmet Basket

A great snack basket for home, office, or hotel includes chips, salsa, pretzel rods, cheese and crackers, coffee, Gone Nuts, pecan toffee and a mini Derby Pie (tart). These Kentucky Proud products were specially selected for their quality and uniqueness.( Please call for pick up and /or delivery conditions)

So GO CARDS or GO BIG BLUE! have fun out there kids!

~ Nanz & Kraft Florists

Give the gift of LUCK today…


Share some luck with loved ones today! When you give a gift or flowers, your friend can Win instantly with our Lucky Stems® contest!

Attached to each delivered item is a Lucky Stems® card with a code printed on it. As card codes are issued, random winning codes are drawn and matched up with available prizes like Texas Roadhouse, Cupcake Shoppe or Cafe Lou Lou gift cards, a Derby Pie and more!
Check it out  right here:


Don’t forget to stop in and see our new Fall collections of fine home goods, decorative pieces  and treasures.  Keep this page bookmarked for the latest photo galleries coming soon!

Have a super weekend everyone !

~ Nanz & Kraft Florist

Treat your Manly Man to a gift today!

The Manly Man gift Can

The Manly Man gift Can

In our quest to find the perfect gifts for all of our clients, we sometimes come across something we cannot resist!

Check out our latest find: The Manly Man Gift Set
This is the ultimate gift for that manly man! Men don’t use gift baskets, they use paint cans! This paint can is filled with the following products and can be reused for just about anything!

Manly Man Gift Set includes:

8 oz. Full size manly man organic body wash

8 oz. full size manly man organic lotion

6 oz. full size manly man organic bar soap

Black manly bath poof

Scent: An intriguing blend of musks and sandalwood with a hint of cedarwood.

Check it out on our website today:

Thanks for shopping with Nanz & Kraft!

Surprise someone with a gift of summer blooms!

The school buses continue to roll out and pick up the darlings! Little by little , everyone will be back in the classrooms, even our teachers and administrators!

Lest not forget to start their year off on the right foot as well, so give a little gift of thanks for their hard work yet to come!

We have great summer arrangements in all styles, colors and price ranges for that special person in your child’s life, come on in or visit the website for great styles and ideas.

Give a little sunshine!

Give a little sunshine!

Don’t forget , when you shop, you can also save! Our Petal Rewards Program is a perfect  way to give and receive! Here’s how it works: or every dollar spent, you’ll receive one reward point. Reward points can be redeemed during checkout for cash savings on future orders or exchanged for brand name merchandise. You can even donate your points to the charity of your choice. That’s the Power of Petal Rewards™!

Petal Rewards Program

Petal Rewards Program