Surprise someone with a gift of summer blooms!

The school buses continue to roll out and pick up the darlings! Little by little , everyone will be back in the classrooms, even our teachers and administrators!

Lest not forget to start their year off on the right foot as well, so give a little gift of thanks for their hard work yet to come!

We have great summer arrangements in all styles, colors and price ranges for that special person in your child’s life, come on in or visit the website for great styles and ideas.

Give a little sunshine!

Give a little sunshine!

Don’t forget , when you shop, you can also save! Our Petal Rewards Program is a perfect  way to give and receive! Here’s how it works: or every dollar spent, you’ll receive one reward point. Reward points can be redeemed during checkout for cash savings on future orders or exchanged for brand name merchandise. You can even donate your points to the charity of your choice. That’s the Power of Petal Rewards™!

Petal Rewards Program

Petal Rewards Program

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