Thank You Letter

Ms. Schaefer,

                   Thank You so very much for taking the time to make sure that I received a picture of the planter that I ordered. It looked beautiful and it meant so much to my daughter to be able to see the basket, since she was unable to attend the viewing and funeral. I know that Ms Casson, the baby’s mother, will keep the angel and it will be something that she can associate with baby Troy, for the rest of her life. Things like that mean something to people when they are dealing with a loss. I have an angel that sits on my fireplace mantel, that was in an arrangement of flowers that were sent to my Mother’s funeral in 1996. I remember who sent it, and it would just break my heart if anything happened to it. Even though it wasn’t my Mother’s personal belonging, it was a reminder to me that my Mom was an angel indeed, and someone else thought that of her also. The angel moved when we did and was packed so carefully, you would have thought it was made of Tiffany glass. It was in it’s own box and was kept seperate from everything else, so it would be one of the first items unpacked and placed in the center of the mantel in my new home. Now that I have bored you with that story, again, Thank You very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to  arrange the basket, include the angel figurine and send us a picture of it. There are a lot of florist in Louisville, and even though I don’t send flowers monthly, when I do send them, I use Nanz & Kraft, because of people like you.

If you are not the manager of your store, please feel free to pass this on to your boss, supervisor or manager. I would like for them to know that it was a great job and that I really appreciated you going out of your way to take care of my request.

It was a  pleasure doing business with you and I Thank You again.


                                                                    Rebecca L. Wolf

Our Brenda & Her Crew Rocks!


Thank you and your team for a job well done!  Everything looked beautiful, beyond dazzling!

It is a comfort to know we are in good hands with you and the Nanz and Kraft team.

The bow tie was a big hit!  Just the perfect accent!

I think Hal might choke with the bill… but I will talk him down from the ledge as I remind him we had more tables, and the lounge this year.  He usually doesn’t get how important the flowers and décor are to an event.  You know, he is a guy!

By the way, the American Girl doll and accessories went for over $500!  Can you believe that!  I never really looked at what was in there, were there gold bricks too?

No give a ways on the condo’s either!!!  Bummer for us, but great for a our bottom line.

The evening was great fun and I think we may have had record earnings!

We will let you know when our next McDazzle will be!!!  Hope to see you before then too.