Back to School with Vera Bradley!

The countdown is on for the last schools to start the new year next week!

Is your scholar still on the hunt for the perfect laptop cover?
Unique, insulated lunchtote?
Or fabulous new purse to go with that first day of scholl outfit?

Stop by anytime and check out the wonderful Vera Bradley items available now! We have great stayles and colors in stock, perfect for transition into fall, and some new fall styles and colors!

For more information call us @ 502.897.6551!




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Kathryn & Cory Wedding Flowers


Kathryn and I want you to know that everything looked absolutely beautiful for her wedding and reception. Duncan Memorial and River Bend Winery both turned out perfect!

We so much appreciate your thoughtfulness and creativity in planning their special day. We always looked forward to our meetings with you because you were so much fun!

Here is a link to the photographer’s website for a preview of the pictures… I thought you would enjoy seeing the results of your hard work!

Thanks again,

Susan & Kathryn