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As an annual treat- its no trick- we host our online pet costume contest!
Its easy to upload your photos and then folks can vote for their favorite, and you could be a winner!

So dress up your little cute pet and send it in right here:

Do you have the cutest pet ever? And does your little furry friend have a cutey-patooty Halloween costume that is the BEST?
Then we need your pet’s photograph for our annual Pet Costume Contest!
Here are a few of the great prizes in this year’s contest! Thanks to all of our Sponsors!
Nanz & Kraft Florists invites you to enter our Halloween Pet Costume Photo Contest. Just enter your favorite Halloween photo of your favorite pet by October 31st for a chance to win one of these great prizes!
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Make sure to spread the word to friends and family on Facebook. Follow us on Facebook and stay up to date on all special events and contests!

Louisville Ballet 9/11 Recognition

Dear Joseph,
On behalf of the Louisville Ballet, a special note of thank you for all your efforts in making the Louisville Ballet September 11th Recognition a success! We were so proud to have the wonderful floral designs and room decorations as part of this special night. I believe it will be a night many will remember for years to come. Many in attendance complimented the room and asked about who did the flowers. We were proud to say Nanz & Kraft florist.
The Louisville Ballet was proud to host such an unforgettable evening that provided us a privilege of this special tribute to men and women in uniform.
The Louisville Ballet would liked to send a special note of appreciation for Joseph Hess and the great work he did for the Ballet 9/11 event.
Joseph was instrumental in helping the team think through overall design for the VIP Reception room and “on-stage” designs. He was fantastic to work with as a team member and truly helped us created a “magical” night and atmosphere.
I am an on-going customer personally and will also keep your group in mind as I do many community events.
Leigh Pittman
Brown-Forman Corporation
VP Director, Program Management and Security
Louisville Ballet Board of Directors

National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day is a secular holiday celebrated in the United States on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It is celebrated in the United Kingdom on the first Sunday in October.

Marian Mccardy of Oak Hill, West Virginia, has been recognized nationally by The United States Senate—in particular by Senator Jennings Randolph [1]; Senator Robert Byrd and President Carter—as the founder of National Grandparents Day. McQuade made it her goal to educate the youth in the community about the important contributions seniors have made throughout history. She also urged the youth to “adopt” a grandparent, not only for one day a year, but rather for a lifetime.

In 1973, Senator Jennings Randolph (D-WV) introduced a resolution to the Senate to make Grandparents Day a national holiday. West Virginia’s Governor Arch Moore had proclaimed an annual Grandparents Day for the state, at the urging of of Marian McQuade. When Senator Randolph’s resolution in the U.S. Senate died in committee, Marian McQuade organized supporters and began contacting governors, senators, and congressmen in all fifty states. She urged each state to proclaim their own Grandparents Day. Within three years, she had received Grandparents Day proclamations from forty-three states. She sent copies of the proclamations to Senator Randolph. In February, 1977, Senator Randolph, with the concurrence of many other senators, introduced a Joint Resolution to the Senate requesting the President to “issue annually a proclamation designating the first Sunday of September after Labor Day of each year as ‘National Grandparents Day’.” Congress passed the legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day and, on August 3, 1978, then-President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation.[2] The statute cites the day’s purpose as: “… to honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children, and to help children become aware of strength, information, and guidance older people can offer”.

Some people claim the origin of the holiday resides with the efforts of Hermine Beckett Hanna of North Syracuse, New York, recognizing seniors and their importance as early as 1961. On February 21, 1990, New York Congressman James T. Walsh recognized the efforts of Hermine Beckett Hanna in front of the U.S. House of Representatives, thanking her “for her important role in the establishment of Grandparents Day.”[3]