Louisville Ballet 9/11 Recognition

Dear Joseph,
On behalf of the Louisville Ballet, a special note of thank you for all your efforts in making the Louisville Ballet September 11th Recognition a success! We were so proud to have the wonderful floral designs and room decorations as part of this special night. I believe it will be a night many will remember for years to come. Many in attendance complimented the room and asked about who did the flowers. We were proud to say Nanz & Kraft florist.
The Louisville Ballet was proud to host such an unforgettable evening that provided us a privilege of this special tribute to men and women in uniform.
The Louisville Ballet would liked to send a special note of appreciation for Joseph Hess and the great work he did for the Ballet 9/11 event.
Joseph was instrumental in helping the team think through overall design for the VIP Reception room and “on-stage” designs. He was fantastic to work with as a team member and truly helped us created a “magical” night and atmosphere.
I am an on-going customer personally and will also keep your group in mind as I do many community events.
Leigh Pittman
Brown-Forman Corporation
VP Director, Program Management and Security
Louisville Ballet Board of Directors

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