‘Going Green’ for St. Patty’s Day Has Never Been Easier!

By: Ashley Slayton
“Going Green” for St. Patrick’s Day a few years ago meant little more than avoiding getting pinched and the occasional green beer. However, as floral aesthetics evolve and people are becoming more environmentally aware, “Going Green” can mean any number of things, meaning getting creative this St. Patrick’s Day is more fun than it has ever been! Going GREEN has never been easier!

A Brief History:
St. Patrick’s Day Trivia
» Did you know the shamrock was originally used by St. Patrick to teach the Holy Trinity?
Before diving into the festivities on March 17, it might be helpful to know a little bit about St. Patrick and how his signature color and subsequent celebrations have become a world-wide phenomenon. The good news is, unlike many holidays, St. Patrick’s Day is based on a real person! Maewyn Succat was born into a rich family in fifth century Great Britain before being kidnapped by Irish raiders and made a slave. During that time, Succat converted to Christianity and escaped back to Great Britain, where he chose Patrick as his Christian name. He opened several schools along the west coast of Ireland and famously used a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to his students. After nearly 30 years of educating the Irish using shamrocks, Patrick passed away. Ireland then chose to commemorate his life with a holiday–St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia
» Did you know blue was the original color of St. Patrick’s Day?
St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t the boisterous celebration it is today until the 1990s when Ireland chose to promote their culture around the world using the now-famous St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Prior to that, beginning the Middle Ages, St. Patrick’s Day was a one day reprieve from Lent, depending where the Holy Week landed each year. Observers were allowed to have a drink of ale on St. Patrick’s day, beginning a tradition and the association of the holiday with the drink. St. Patrick’s Day still remains a religious holiday for many; however, with the creation of the world-wide festival, parades and celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day has become a public celebration that is undoubtedly here to stay.

Going GREEN: Floral Edition
For the past few years, consumers and florists alike have been easing into the idea of an all-green arrangement. Today, many are taking the monochromatic look head-on and creating gorgeous, modern arrangements that are both memorable and classically chic. From weddings to everyday deliveries, versatile green arrangements possess a unique beauty that makes a statement in any instance.

And what is that statement?

Green arrangements can mean any number of things. They lend themselves perfectly to St. Patrick’s day, given not only their color, but common associations with green. Green floral arrangements are also ideal for celebrating the beginning of spring!

The Meaning of GREEN:
St. Patrick’s Day Trivia
» Did you know the color green is associated with optimism and renewal? It’s the perfect color for spring!
Although blue was the original color associated with St. Patrick’s Day, green was the obvious color chosen by many, due to the iconic use of the shamrock in the observance of the holiday. This is perfect for florists, because green can do double-duty for this time of year: celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the arrival of spring!

Words associated with green flowers include rejuvenation, health, youth and nature, making green arrangements an ideal choice for the season! Green flowers, with their diverse shapes and textures, are the perfect compliment to spring weddings, baby arrivals and graduations. Strong associations between green and optimism make it possible to literally send a little happiness to someone who will appreciate a fun, unconventional arrangement.

Go GREEN with Mother Nature:
Given that the floral profession is directly intertwined with nature, it’s no surprise that florists are doing their part to preserve the earth’s beauty. New techniques to become a GREEN florist arrive daily, making this the hottest trend in the floral industry. Organic blooms, composting and using local florists and nurseries are just a few of the ways to to be responsible when collecting some of nature’s most beautiful offerings.

Using local florists also allows you to choose from a region’s seasonal foliage, creating a unique arrangement composed of the absolute best that an area has to offer. A region’s seasonal blooms are a vital part of a region’s culture, just as shamrocks are characteristic of Ireland.

Sending a seasonal, (environmentally) green and (aesthetically) green arrangement will send a message that you care–about your special someone, about the earth and about entering into a new season with hope.

FSN is Hitting the Road and Going GREEN!
Speaking of Going GREEN, one of our very own, Mandy, will be traveling to Chattanooga, TN, to learn more about environmentally responsible floral arranging this weekend at the AIFD Southern Conference. She’s taking along a computer and cell phone to fill us all in on what she’s learning about going GREEN!