Faces of Louisville: Dr Tami Cassis

FACES of Louisville: Dr. Tami Cassis

Posted by Heidi on Apr 15, 2012 in FACES of Louisville, Featured
Dr. Tami Cassis is my dermatologist and the dermatologist of most of my friends. Why? It’s an easy answer. We all know she is one of the best. But also, she is a woman, around our age, who is really honest with us; we feel comfortable with her immediately. She is ruthless about the sun, mole checks and taking care of your skin. All I know is that I want my skin to look like her skin.

She is the director of Cassis Dermatology & Aesthetics Center in Norton Commons which is a comprehensive medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology practice. Decorated by Bittners, with her signature fresh flowers, this doctor’s office doesn’t feel like a doctors office. It feels like you are going to visit a friend – a friend who tells you to wear sunscreen even in the winter (yes, it’s true) and always wear a hat.

Where did you grow up?

Janesville, Wisconsin.

How did you end up in Louisville?

I came to Louisville after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Madison to go to Medical School at the University of Louisville.

How did you make the decision to be a dermatologist?

After finishing all of my third year medical school rotations, I knew that I liked all parts of medicine, I just didn’t love any one specialty. A good friend encouraged me to start my fourth year with a Dermatology rotation. He was right! I loved every minute I was on that rotation. I knew that was the career for me.

Did you tan in high school? I want the truth.

Yes, I am very open and honest about my mistakes in life. I hope someone can learn from my foolish choices. I grew up in freezing cold and snowy Wisconsin. I spent every chance I could going to the tanning salon. My parents hated that I went. They had no science to help back up their fight, but they just felt it could not be good for my fair skin.

What is your skin-care regimen?

I have the very unique opportunity to mix and match. Every morning I wash with Obagi on my Clarisonic brush, then I follow with the simply b, MD Crystal Clear stick to exfoliate my face in the shower. Then depending on how my skin is doing I will follow the Obagi or the Neocutis skin care line. I always tone with the simply b, MD Glyclear and I always finish with a daily moisturizer with SPF.

What is your favorite skin-care product?

I really don’t have a favorite. I have favorite products within different lines. And, without being totally gross, of course my favorite is MINE (simply b, MD)!

What is the best advice you have received in business and in life?

Business and life both: Believe in yourself and don’t set limits. You can do anything you are willing to work for!

Who is your mentor?

My parents, Duane and Diane Buss and Dr. Jeffrey P. Callen.

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