Few notes from our Customers

We thought to share some wonderful notes from our happy customers from recent Valentine’s Day.

A Facebook post from Jill:
I have received many bouquets of flowers but must say that the one I received from Nanz and Kraft this year has been one of my favorites!! My picture is 3 days after receiving them on Valentine’s day and they look as beautiful as the very first day!! LOVE my simple but BEAUTIFUL flowers!!!! ❤

Here is a note from a Jenn:
“My Dad, Jack, was in your store yesterday, February 13, 2013. He was driving from Frankfort to Corydon, Indiana and wanted to get some flowers to give to me after the dress rehearsal of the play I am directing at Hayswood Theatre in Corydon. He said the place was very busy and he wasn’t sure where to start. There was an older gentleman who was helping a couple and once he finished, my Dad stepped up to ask if he would offer some suggestion as what to get. Turns out the gentleman he asked was Mr. Kraft. Mr. Kraft didn’t just offer a suggestion of what to buy. He took my Dad around on the tour of the building, and hand picked every stem that went into my bouquet.

The flowers my Dad gave me are special in many ways. You see, my Dad lives in Delaware and I usually only see him once a year at our family reunion. That he happened to be in the area for business on the night of the dress rehearsal was so wonderful. The flowers he brought me were beautiful. The story behind how he got the flowers made the entire evening that much more magical.

Thank you, Mr. Kraft, for taking the time to pick out an absolutely wonderful bouquet of flowers. I’ve always heard really good things about your company, now I have first hand experience.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Facebook post from Jamie:
I love the flowers my fiancee was able to send me from overseas since he is deployed and i can’t spend the day with him. Everyone please like our photo 🙂

Another note from Halie:

“Thank you soooooo much. You made my valentines day better than I could have imagined. My boyfriend is in the marines and sent me flowers but no one was home and he was really upset I didn’t get anything from him on valentines. Since he isn’t stationed here he wasn’t able to get me them himself. Thinking all else failed he told me what happened and that he was sorry I wouldn’t be getting anything, but little to my surprise and his while on Skype I got a knock on my door and there they were! Then today I got the most beautiful set of flowers again with a note from the company to enjoy my fresh set I received today! They are beautiful and my favorite kind!!!! Thank you Nanz and Kraft family!”

Post from Casey:
I love receiving flowers from my hubby! Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Thank you all for sharing your notes and if you would like to see more notes from our happy customers you may see them on our facebook page under Nanz & Kraft Florist!

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