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02221Kimberly Henshaw and Adan Perez

In a historic southern manor located in the heart of Louisville, an artistic couple from vastly different backgrounds met to exchange their wedding vows. Kimberly Henwshaw spent her early years in a small Kentucky town. As an only child living with parents and grandparents in the same small brick house on Pike street, Kimberly spent many hours in the garden and kitchen helping her grandmother and int the living room listening to her grandfather’s stories. When she was ten years old the family moved to Louisville and Kimberly eventually attended Indiana University to study Vocal Performance. Under the tutelage of a veteran operatic performer and opportunity soon presented itself – a full scholarship to attend the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia. It was here, only one year later, that Adan and Kimberly met.

Adan Perez was born in Mazatlan, Mexico, during a hurricane. It was one of the strongest that had hit the coastal community in many years, and Adan’s mother remembered hearing the wind roaring from her hospital bed. Adan developed a love for music at an early age and played violin for many years in his childhood. Deciding after high school to study engineering, he put asside his passion for music and focused on earning his degree. Adan never lost interest in performing, however, and he continued to be a part of theatrical productions throughtout college. After meeting Kimberly, it took Adan almost a year to work up the courage to ask her for a date. Soon the two were spending many hours together, walking happily around Philadelphia, sharing cups of cocoa, and often an umbrella.

Kimberly and Adan decided to get married in Louisville, as it was important for Kimberly to have her parents participate in the wedding planning. The couple began by selecting Louisville’s Largest and most renowned floral firm, Nanz & Kraft Florist. Kimberly’s bridal bouquet featured a combination of cream David Austin and Amelia roses augmented with white peonies and swarovsky crystals. A stephanotise bloom was added for good fortune. Th historic manor, Whitehall, was decorated with a blend of hydrangeas, roses, peonies, and hanging amaranthus   a unique yet subtle southern-style decor for the wedding.

06071Katie Duer














katie_henry_0346Katie Mathews & Henry Cunningham

Katie and Henry come from different countries and cultures. Katie spent her childhood and teenage years in Ohio. She later attended Denison University in Granville, Ohio where she studied psychology and in her free time played basketball. As a young adult Katie was up for an adventure. She headed to the Appalachian Mountains to attend Western Carolina University where she earned a masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She finished her education at UK with Ph.D. degree and became Dr. Katie.

Henry grew up in a small country in Central America called Belize. As the youngest boy in the family, he was called the “baby brother”. Henry attended primary school in Belize and later King’s College High School. He later enrolled at the Belize Teachers’ College to earn his teaching certification.  He was awarded a Fulbright Grant, which brought him to UofL to study education reform.  Henry earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Organizational Development.

  The night they met their close friends decided to go out to dinner and they invited others to attend. Henry fell for Katie right away but didn’t want to seem too abrasive and failed to ask for her phone number. Several weeks passed and no Katie in sight. Those weeks turned into months and still no Katie. Henry vaguely recalled where Katie worked so he checked her work website and there she was! He wasted no time calling her only to get her voice mail. As an experienced lady, Katie did not return his phone call right away, but when she did, the rest is history!

Katie and Henry decided to have their wedding in Louisville at the Presbyterian Seminary.  It was a beautiful June wedding in the garden in front of a beautiful fountain. It rained the entire day and it looked as though it was not going to clear up.  By four o’clock that afternoon the sky turned blue and the wedding ceremony was a magical moment. While guests arrived they were able to view the wedding dress worn and hand-made by Katie’s mother for her own wedding day.  The reception followed inside the historic home of Garden Court. Decorated through out were beautiful arrangements of orchids on each guest table, designed by Marketa Greer at Nanz & Kraft Florists. Henry and Katie have devoted their lives to education and have been destined to plan their future together here in Louisville surrounded by their friends.


Ashley Albright & Bill Cherup

June 7th, 2008

Peterson Dumenil Housejack-and-bella2

Meet  Sarah Jones & Daniel Duffy including their dogs Jack & Bella

Sarah and Daniel met at the University of Kentucky almost eight years ago. Their love grew while traveling together to Key West, taking long walks in the park and later working together on their new house. One random spring night the couple took one of their regular walks with their dogs at Cherokee Park where Daniel proposed in the Gazebo. This was very shocking and unexpected to Sarah.

The wedding took place on May 24th, 2008 at St. Agnes Church a year later after their engagement.  Their friend Jennifer Wheatley surprised the couple by bringing their dogs Jack and Bella to the church adorned with flower collars around their necks.  During the ceremony Sarah and her mother Janet took a moment together to take a hand tied bouquet of tulips to Mary and say a little prayer for Sarah’s grandmother. The flowers for the ceremony and the reception were designed by Pat Pendergrass from Nanz & Kraft Florists. Pat has been working with Nanz & Kraft for almost thirty years and her experience and talent is reflected through every wedding she designs. Sarah carried a bridal bouquet featuring all pink peonies, roses, tulips, lilies and sweet peas.  Her fourteen bridesmaids carried hand tied bouquets of all pink peonies. During the reception at Wild Wood Country Club Sarah and Daniel hired Louisville Photo Booth for their guests to have fun taking funny pictures during the ceremony. The reception tables were decorated with pink gladiolas in tall slender glass vases and short vases full of  pink peonies, stargazers and pink hydrangea.
After the wedding the happy couple went to Belize for their honeymoon and now are residing in Louisville where Sarah works for her father’s company, J.Michael Jones & Associates and Daniel continues working for Humana.
We wish them the best of luck!
Nanz & Kraft Florists

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