Wedding Tips

Why to have tulips in your wedding
Wedding flower: the meaning of tulip and why tulip should be your wedding flower
Tulips should be considered for your wedding for both their visual appealing and deep meanings.
Tulips, with its striking flower at the top, grab your eyes directly. Their flowers are never too big or too small, too strong at smell, just fit your taste. Tulips have a variety of more than 100 species. With different colors, they represent different themes and meanings. Red tulips mean love and affection. Purple tulips represent royalty, dignity and devotion. Yellow tulips used to represent failure love, later they come to mean the friendship, sunshine and brightness. Tulips do not have a lot of negative meanings which is also why they are generally accepted.
Tulips flower last very long and as a kind of fresh cut flower; you may enjoy the full beauty of it.
With tulips as your wedding flower, you may have a more joyful and sunny life!!

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